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John Angheli: Leadership Counsellor of Meaning

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From the Desk of:
B.Arch, M.A M.Ed M.B.A.
Leadership Counsellor


To: People Who Seek a Life of Great Meaning


Dear Friend,

I write this letter to all friends out there, (actual or potential), who are responsibly pursuing a life of meaning, and deep-seated happiness.

This letter is not written for those in pursuit of how to get ahead in the world’s rat race. Nor is this letter for those who mindlessly follow whatever ideas are made fashionable by mainstream media, and then seeking to parrot pre-manufactured slogans…

This is a short invitation letter for the rest of us.

My name is John Angheli. I live my life with my wife and 4 children, in the cities of Melbourne and in Ballarat in the Land Down Under, (Australia), and spend all my professional time, in pursuit of one single mission:

How to support individuals to lead and communicate with greater meaning.

Currently, I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers to enhance their capacity to effectively produce, by installing a higher order of meaning into their lives via the Center for Meaningful Leadership.

The aim being that we awaken to our higher faculties (awareness, reason, imagination and will) and we learn how to leverage these faculties, as to become all that we can be.

This letter here is an invite for a relational connection with one another, which I believe may irreversibly stretch your mind to a new and better version of you.

And this is why: because your mind is made to receive and embody the highest orders of meaning. In the highest transcendentals of being, beauty, truth and goodness, therein lies both our own happiness, as well as our own authentic capacity for leadership. And I am devoted to unlocking this vault, to crack its combination codes, and to share the riches therein…

As such, I invite you to thereby join me here, on this journey of meaning.

On a weekly or a fortnightly basis, I will share with you updates from my life, my research, my innovations, and the connections that I’m making on a moment to moment basis – from the world of leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship… to design, theology, philosophy and more.

An Important Point: I will not send out to this letter to you, as a mass-mail, and from a do-not-reply email address. The messages that will come to you, will be directly from my own email address. As such, you can reply, and I will read your message.

(But I make no guarantees that I’ll reply, as I try to give as much time as possible, to my immediate family.)

With all that said, if you’d like to join my private mailing list, you’ll need to apply.

This email is not for everyone and not everyone gets in.

This list is reserved only for those dedicated to responsibility, meaning and the actualization of the total good in life (i.e. real happiness).

It is for those on the cutting edge, and who are on the look out for the Logos, as manifesting itself in our world, in our times.

If this sounds appealing to you, then I invite you to submit your application right here.

Your form will be reviewed manually and you’ll be accepted or not, somewhere between 24-72 hours (often much less).

Memento Mori,

John Angheli

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