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Secret Meanings - Volume 4: The Way of Grace

Secret Meanings:
Volume 4: The Way of Grace

And last, in the fourth film – we look at the hidden meaning behind the cultural milestone that is ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – the highest selling novel of last century.

While many see Lord of the Rings as but an exciting action-packed fantasy, there is a special reason for why it has captured the imagination of literally, billions of people.

In this work, Tolkien actually laid out a secret code, a classical blueprint, for how our lives function at their best.

We’re naturally drawn to this epic, because it speaks of something much deeper. Here, we reveal for the first time, the essential principles that the author hid in the subtext of this story, for how we can realize the fullest of our potential, and overcome the greatest of life challenges… the problem of evil.

This film alone is a must watch. You will never see the story of Lord of the Rings in the same way ever again.


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