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John Angheli: Leadership Counsellor to IT Leaders

A Brief Introduction

Here is an autobiographical excerpt (that was mostly removed) from my feature documentary film. This segment gives a background into my personal history, and how my calling emerged.

The video begins with a brief overview of my childhood experiences, as living through one of 20th century’s biggest social engineering experiments… (If you’d like to see the whole feature, you can get a copy of ‘The Great Aha’ film, right here)

“My mission is to support IT leaders to discover a sense of greater meaning in their leadership – to articulate the wisdom of our higher faculties, and how they reveal a fuller dimension of meaning, that’s ordinarily hidden.”

My Story and Vision

Here is a brief article about my private world – like my childhood experiences, what are my roots influences, and what drives me to tackle the subject of leadership and meaning, in a fundamental way.

After all, why should this matter?

Discover the Story

Our Philosophy

Our leadership company is called, ‘Center of Meaningful Leadership’ and there’s a special reason we have named it as such.

Here is an overview regarding our guiding philosophy as an organization, our identity, and ultimately, who we serve.

What Is Meaningful Leadership

Secret Meanings: How to Recover a Shining Experience of Being

Secret Meanings is a four-part lecture documentary series that supports the work began with the feature film, ‘The Great Aha’.

It explores what are the most important things to get right, as pursuing becoming the very best version of ourselves – i.e. mentally stronger, more creative and happier. Here’s just what we cover:

  • Volume 1: what ideas has our educational system conditioned us with – so we see the world in a particular way – and how it is the source of today’s cynicism and current ideological battles;
  • Volume 2: what vital idea has been hidden from our education, and why without this, we’re lost in a fog of information and are crippled by endless choices;
  • Volume 3: what dangerous idea is behind the present conviction that we live in a meaningless universe and how did the classical world cut through this illusion;
  • Volume 4: what critical ideas did J.R.R. Tolkien hide in the best-selling work of the last century, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and how can we use them to reclaim a shining experience of being.

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